We are a fun group of ukulele players that get together weekly for ukulele strumming-fun.
We are based in and around Monterey California.
We meet most Sundays between

4:00 – 6:00 PM
at the 

American Burger

738 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, CA 93940

Come play with us! All levels are welcomed, from beginners to professionals. Just visiting Monterey?  We’d love to have you stop by. If you don’t know the chords…just sing louder!  

 We’ll share our music with you or you can bring your own.  We play from the Santa Cruz Ukulele Club Songbooks, Beloff’s “Daily Ukulele”, and music in our own Music Library.

Jam Leaders post the songs we are going to play for the weekly jam.  $5.00 donation requested.

You can find our jam set lists and song packets at the top of the page.

Want to perform?
Each week our open-mic time is your chance to shine, no matter what level you are.
In fact the applause is all the louder for brave beginners!

Uke Laurel Hardy

According to Jumpin’ Jim Beloff, “when a room full of ‘ukulele players of all levels of experience join together to play a song, you can expect a combination of well-measured chords along with off-key hacks, perfectly tuned ukes along with poorly tuned instruments, and vintage Kamakas along with $20 eBay specials. Somehow, this collection of sounds will always result in beautiful music — which is part of the magic of the ‘ukulele”.


Christmas 2018

15 thoughts on “HOME

  1. The Salinas Ukulele Club will be starting a new course on Monday June 6 2022 at noon to 2:00pm to teach beginner and intermediate-level ukulele players based on the books by Doug Falconer called “Ukulele Beginner to Brilliant” which are available on Amazon.com . We will meet every month on the first Monday of the month at Active Seniors building, 100 Harvest St, Salinas, CA. The course starts with the very basics for complete beginners but quickly progresses to more advanced skills and knowledge including reading standard sheet music staff notation and tablature, knowing the notes all over the fretboard, playing melodies, fingerstyle, some music theory (chords, keys, rhythms, modes, transposing, etc.), creating chord-melodies, and playing blues, jazz, and improvisation. In addition to the books and their accompanying videos, we will be using supplemental materials (handouts and videos) from such ukulele experts as Fred Sokolow, Del Rey, Bob Brozman, Lil’ Rev, Kevin Rones, Calvin Chin, Glen Rose, and others. This is an in-person class that meets in the Active Seniors building near downtown Salinas. All ages are welcome. The cost is $4 per session ($2 for members of Active Seniors). Evidence of COVID vaccination is required. If you are interested, send me an email for further information. stanleysokolow@gmail.com .

  2. Steven Crounse

    I’d like to Join in on the Online Jams from here on Amelia island Florida. But to do that I need copies of your song books..How do i go about purchasing them.?

    1. ukeleleclubk


      On the top of the website home page there is a tab for teachers and performers. We have a list of teachers there.

    2. Alan Souza

      HI Debora,
      I could teach him. I normally teach on Thursdays, right now for 3 weeks though. It might be possible to give a lesson on a Friday afternoon or on the weekend until this is over. My name is Alan Souza and I am a retired public school music teacher. My last position was at Spreckels elementary school and Buena Vista Middle School. I did teach ukulele to my classes and a number of other schools in the past. I have also taught workshops at the Smoulderning Uke Confrence in Carmel, and the Burning Uke Confrence in Santa Cruz. Good luck in your search, If I can help let me know. Alan (831) 431-09872 (cel)

    3. Ed Bright

      Joe Mancuso, in Monterey, is the best of the best Ukulele teachers. He tailor’s his teaching to students of all ages. He’s been my teacher for over 2 years. He’s kind, knowledgeable & cares. His number is 831-521-6860. Thx – Ed Bright

    4. alan souza

      HI Debora,
      I haven’t heard anything about you finding a ukulele teacher. I’m free now for Thursdays if you haven’t found anyone yet.
      Alan Souza

  3. Carolina Urenda

    Hello looking for someone to play the ukelele for my wedding ceremony at the beach for next year 09/08/19 if you or someone you know can do it please email me back.
    Thank you

    1. alan souza

      That’s quite a ways a way, but, I should be able to do it. What are the details?
      Where? What time of day. Will I / you need a sound system. How long and will you want music afterwards for a reception / dinner etc?


      1. ukeleleclubk

        Alan – I think her email is with her original post. You should contact her directly. She might not see your response here.

      2. ukeleleclubk

        Alan – you should contact her directly. She may not see the post on the comments section. Her email was included with her original post.

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