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Jim D’Ville is a music educator and facilitator who is on a mission to get ukulele players off the paper and playing music by ear. Over the last six years he has taught his Play Ukulele By Ear workshops to thousands of players in the United States Australia and Canada. Jim is the author of the Play Ukulele By Ear DVD series and hosts the popular Play Ukulele By Ear website (
Jim is sponsored by Kala Brand Ukuleles.

Sunday, January 24, 2016
$20 each workshop, or 2 workshops for $35
Pay cash at the door
Monterey Ukulele Club
American Burger
738 Lighthouse Avenue
Monterey, CA 

4:00 Workshop: Chord Progressions & The Circle of 5ths (Advanced Beginner and up)
Being able to hear and identify chord progressions will go a long way toward demystifying music. Before you know it you’ll be hearing and recognizing dominant seven and diatonic chord progressions. This exciting workshop will open your ears to the way all songs work around the Circle of 5ths. Knowledge of chords C F G7 A7 D7 E7 Am Dm Em is helpful.

5:15 Workshop: Uke By Ear Jam (All Levels)
When people take up the ukulele they want to play songs right now! In this fun and interactive workshop you’ll learn to do just that. Starting with the basics of rhythm and timing, Jim will lead the group through popular songs from one to four chords in structure, in the genres of rock, pop, folk and blues. This is the fast track to also learning how to play together with others in a group by ear.


*Mute that Uke!
A Workshop by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
Cost:  $10.00
Sunday November 15, 2015


Add rhythm and excitement to your ukulele playing by learning a handful of techniques for muting the strings while you play.

One of the founders of the Santa Cruz Ukulele Club, ukulele collector and all around good guy, Sandor gave this workshop at this years Burning Uke and we invited him to present it to our club because we loved it so much.

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