About Us

About The Monterey Ukulele Club

THIS LIVELY GROUP began in mid-2009 and meets almost every Sunday from 4-6pm at the American Burger on Lighthouse Ave. in New Monterey. There are no membership restrictions, no dues, no club officers and no rules!  We do suggest a $5.00 donation to American Burger as thanks for the space.  At any Sunday jam there will be from 15-25 players. The group is also available to play at gigs.


OUR HISTORY: After some beginner lessons by Carmelites, Steve and Barbara Brooks, who provided the basics and some inspiration, we clamored for more! The club has flourished and now includes real musicians, accomplished uke players, dedicated strummers and blossoming beginners.  We continue to welcome newbies and ukers of all kinds.

OUR MUSIC—Oldies, Country, Beatles, Hawaiian, Buffet, Beach Boys, Folk, Pop, Rock, etc.  At each 2-hour jam we play and sing about 16-20 songs.  Songbooks we use include:  Santa Cruz Ukulele Club Songbooks, The Daily Ukulele by Beloff, and songs from our Music Library and Gig Book.

UKE JAMS: Our jams are led each week by a volunteer from the group. The leader (or co-leaders) makes up the Jam List, which is posted by Wednesday on this website. The Jam Notice can also sent by email to anyone who submits their address here. When leaders, or others, want to present a new song (not in the books) to the group, the music is made available to print here on the website in the Music Library.  There is also a sign-up for 2-3 open-mic performances most weeks.



2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Peggy

    Will you be meeting to strum tomorrow, Sunday December 22nd? I will be driving from Santa Cruz – what is the best route? Thanks- peggy

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