Sunday Jam April 14, 2019

April 14 Sunday Jam
Led by Marilyn and Keith

4-6 pm


Song packet 4 14




I need three more volunteers for a quarterjam on 4/28.   It’s a lot of fun!  Contact Kathy to sign up.

The jam leader calendar is now live.  Click on the tab for jam leader calendar at the top of the home page.  When you get to the jam leader page you will see a link called “jam leader calendar” (the link is under the picture).  This link takes you directly to the calendar  spreadsheet.   You can check availability and sign up there.  We need jam leaders in May and June, so please sign up!





Monterey Ukulele Club meets almost every Sunday, 4-6pm at American Burger, Lighthouse Ave. (across from Gianni’s Pizza). A $3.00 donation is requested.

This notice is only going out to the folks who have subscribed to the website.

Note:  The email posts now have advertisements at the bottom.  This is something done by WordPress, and we don’t have any control over it.




One thought on “Sunday Jam April 14, 2019

  1. Alan Souza


    The sound system at the American Burger does not work. Jose does may have another one. Note sure if we will be able to use it or not? People should plan on bringing their own equipment to be safe.

    Jose also told me that he hopes that people would be able to donate $5. instead of $3. if they can afford it. Someone should talk to him about that and make a plan of how / when to implement this.

    Thanks, Alan


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