Sunday Jam Reminder January 13, 2019

January 13th Sunday Jam with Pat

4-6 pm

Songs will be from Gig books 1 and 2, available in the music library



**NEW**  We Still need Jam leaders.  Please see the calendar on the jam leader calendar page for available dates.

**NEW** Jam leaders – the new deadline for submitting your song list is the MONDAY prior to your jam.  If you miss the deadline, your name will be posted as the jam leader.  Your song info will not be included, and you’ll have to bring printed material to the jam.  So, please submit early!!!  

**NEW** Pat is still looking for people to play 1/16 at 4 pm at Canterbury woods.  If you are interested, please email Pat as soon as possible.  


Monterey Ukulele Club meets almost every Sunday, 4-6pm at American Burger, Lighthouse Ave. (across from Gianni’s Pizza). A $3.00 donation is requested.

[This notice is only going out to the folks who have subscribed to the website.

Note:  The email posts now have advertisements at the bottom.  This is something done by WordPress, and we don’t have any control over it.





4 thoughts on “Sunday Jam Reminder January 13, 2019

  1. Mary Lou and Jim Vossen

    Hello,  Jim and I are still anxious to learn to play,  Hope to see you Sunday. Still looking for a teacher to help get me started. Cheers………..Mary Lou

    1. ukeleleclubk

      We hope to see you Sunday. On the website there is a new link that has a list of teachers. You can check that out and see if you can find a teacher there. Look for the Teachers and Performers tab on the top of the page.

    1. ukeleleclubk

      The gig books are free and you can download them from the music library link on the website. You’ll find the link at the top of the web page.

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