Pizza Party RSVP

🍕 Wood-Fired Pizza Jam at Myrleen’s place…3 PM  OK to arrive early!

The SKINNY—car-pooling is encouraged, but not mandatory!   We’ll start jamming at 3-ish, with Joe leading.  There won’t be room on the deck for everyone to set up a music stand—get cozy and share.  We’ll start pizzas when the oven is at the right temperature, probably 4:30-5.  I’ll demo the pizza crust process first for those who need a primer.  Then 3 people at a time can make and decorate their own pizza, take it to the oven, where Michael will cook it in 3 minutes!  Meanwhile, you return your pizza peel (paddle) to the prep area for the next person to use, then you return to the oven and pick up your flash-cooked pizza– dig in!  Seconds are allowed!

Jam Post 7.24.16
Puamana Joe

PLEASE RSVP TO PATRICIA  BY WEDNESDAY IF YOU ARE COMING, AND WHAT YOU ARE BRINGING (such as pizza topping type, salad, dessert, etc) so Myrleen can be prepared.  BYOB

 Here are the directions:

Drive out (east) on Carmel Valley Road for 12.6 miles (green markers on roadside).  You’ll pass through Carmel valley Village and go another ½ mile or so.

After the 12.6 mile marker TURN RIGHT at next road (CAMP STEFFANI ROAD) about 75 yds,

At bottom of the hill turn right,again going past mailboxes on to WAWONA ROAD

Drive about ¼ mile to the end, through the metal gate, past the gray cottage to the very end.  HONK!

So I’ll know you’ve arrived and can grab my dog, Matti. She may try to greet you, unless I can catch and hold her.

Do not stop your car for herl  She’s harmless, but hyper-friendly.

Keep moving until parked, open your door and talk to her so that she won’t jump on your car.  Very sorry!

Park close to another car.  All the action will be through the far left door to the sunroom downstairs.


PS—Despite what you may have read, this is NOT a birthday party—It’s just a Pizza Jam!!!

~Fun Ukulele Video of the Week~

Here I Am


Note:  Patricia Bolen manages the website and jam notices. Please send your info to by Tuesday night.
Monterey Ukulele Club meets almost every Sunday, 4-6pm at American Burger, Lighthouse Ave. (across from Gianni’s Pizza). A $3.00 donation is requested.
[This notice is only going out to the folks who have subscribed to the website.]

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