Monterey Ukulele Club Members going to Burning Uke

Hi Burning Ukesters,

An adjunct committee met at Baja Cantina after our Labor Day Gig at Carmel Manor, and decided on a couple of songs we would like our club to perform at Burning Uke this weekend. There will be an Open Mic on Friday night.  I think it will be great light hearted fun and hope all Monterey Club attendees want to join the fun.  We decided Lester would reprise his famous song “Lester Where’s Your Trousers?”  And we would also do “Ukulele Baby”.

Links for song sheets:
Donald Where’s Your Trousers?  (substituting “Lester” for “Donald”)
Ukulele Baby

Link for videos:
Ukulele Baby
Donald Where’s Your Trousers?

There was talk about a rehearsal before Burning Uke, but might I suggest we meet up during the event and arrange a time to slip off and practice.  

Email me if you have any thoughts or questions.  It’s going to be a fun and HOT weekend!  Patricia


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