REVISED–Jam Reminder for Sunday

Hi, Monterey Ukers…

STEVE BROOKS says:  We’ll do our “Round Robin” from BOTH the Santa Cruz Book 1 and the
Daily Ukulele” plus a totally open (the more the merrier) “Open Mic”!!!

Note:  SUN. JAN. 4 @ 2pm  THERE WILL BE A MEETING TO SET UP JAM LEADERS for JAN-JUN, 2015.  Our current Jam Leader Calendar is inaccurate after 12/7–things have changed; but the calendar won’t be updated until January.  Meanwhile, we have lined up our volunteer jam leaders into the third Sunday of January.  Come to the meeting!
If you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign up for our uke club Christmas Party Potluck & Jam on December 14 @ Wayne & Judee Richey’s home.

Monterey Ukulele Club meets almost every Sunday, 4-6pm at American Burger, Lighthouse Ave.across from Gianni’s Pizza.  Check the Jam Leader page of the website.  [This notice is only going out to the folks who have subscribed to the website.]

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