Monterey Uke Jam Reminder for Sunday 3/2/14

Hi, Monterey Ukers…

Your new Jam Set List is ready for March 2, but you will find it listed as 3/3/14….whoops.

Marilyn Kapua Gibbons will be leading.  Kudos to Marilyn–

she did the uploading of her song list and music to the website, YEA!

Click Here to go to the Jam Set List on the website.  

After printing the new Jam Set List for March 2, go to the Music Library to print the listed Current Songs that you do not already have in your personal music collection.  

Smoldering Uke—that great mini-festival in our backyard is March 14-16!
    Get signed up with Marty Carlson right away–
Uke jams, workshops, good food, fun people @ Hidden Valley!

[This notice is only going out to the folks who have subscribed to the website.]

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